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Well, our Pocket Vinyl MP1 release show over at the Oasis on Saturday was a wonderful success. Thanks so much to everyone who came out to support us! We had a great time hanging out, performing some fresh songs, and enjoying the Weird Beards. (They played a really awesome and fun set. Seriously loved them.) And special thanks to Chris & Amanda Jelden for snapping a couple photos for us:

Untitled-3I’m continuing on with the rectangle-sized board for painting on (actually we picked up a whole bunch today to start out our upcoming tour) and I really love how a simple shape change can suddenly rekindle my excitement for live painting. I love being challenged by a new shape, and I feel so much more comfortable and natural taking my time and making careful and well thought out decisions on-stage. Saturday night I painted a bear I saw at my favorite hangout spot when I lived in Japan in 2008 (the zoo). I really love how it turned out:



IMG_3634Things are really getting busy in Pocket Vinyl land now too. The day after our Oasis show (this past Sunday) Our good friend Karrie (who turns up in one of our recent songs off the MP) over at K-Lab tromped all over a frozen cow pasture with us and took what will look to be some really incredible band photos. She snapped a few Polaroids as well, just for kicks. So here’s a sneak of those while we wait for the editing on some of the spectacular work she does. (So excited!!)

_MG_3654And last but not least, yesterday morning we showed up again at the local WCNI studio for a little mini talk with “Gramma Dot” about the new MP and it got played on the air in its entirety.

Coming up next:

On Wednesday January 9th we have another (and our last for a while) New London show, at the Bean & Leaf starting around 7:00-7:30. We just visited the new location the other night, the place looks great. Also, as a reminder, this is a family friendly venue, so sure, bring your kids!

And then, we’re off on the first 5-week long of the Little Dog Tour. Please check out our official website for tour date changes, additions  and cancellations. For those of you who want a quick summery of where we’ll be, here you go:

January 10 – Redding, CT – Redding Road House  8 PM

January 11 – Bristol, CT – Bare Bones   8 PM

January 12 – Lancaster, PA – thefirstfloor    7 PM

January 14 – Baltimore, MD – Club K

January 15 – Washington, DC – Desperados   9 PM

January 16 – Alexandria, VA – St. Elmo’s   8 PM

January 17 – Broadway, PA – Plan B    8 PM

January 18 – Staunton, VA – Pompei Lounge    8 PM

January 19 – Richmond, VA – Spider Fortress

January 20 – Jamestown, NC – Turntable Inc.  7 PM

January 22 -Greensboro, NC – Karate Dungeon

January 23 – Greenville, NC – Tipsy Teapot    11 PM

January 24 – Wilmington, NC – Orton’s

January 25 – Charleston, SC – Homemade Genius  (email us for directions)   8 PM

January 27 – Jacksonville, FL – Shantytown Pub     9 PM

January 28 – Jacksonville, FL – Burro Bar   9 PM

January 29 – Atlanta, GA – WonderRoot

January 30 – Johnson City, TN – Hospitality House   (email us for directions)   8 PM

January 31 – Johnson City, TN – Acoustic Coffee House   8 PM

February 1 – Blacksburg, VA – Deet’s at Virginia Tech   9 PM

February 2 – Blacksburg, VA – XYZ Gallery   7 PM

February 4 – Arlington, VA – The Galaxy Hut   9 PM

February 5 – Frostburg, MD – Dante’s Bar

February 6 – Greenbelt, MD – New Deal Cafe   7 PM

February 7 – California, PA – House Concert

February 8 – Pittsburgh, PA – Shadow Lounge   6 PM

February 12 – Rochester, NY – Monroe Community Center  8 PM

February 13 – Corning, NY – place TBA