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We played our last local Pocket Vinyl show for a while last night, down at the Bean & Leaf in New London, CT. Love the Bean & Leaf, and while I do miss the comfy-ness of their old location, I do like where they’ve moved to and for the looks of the new place. They just need to get a couple couches again! Oh, and super delicious pesto grilled cheese.

Plus, we love playing there just because it’s a good venue to bring out our early local crowd. Not everyone wants to start their night at 11:00 at the Oasis. Besides, my wonderful grandmother almost always comes out for our Bean & Leaf shows! We actually had a really nice little crowd of friends and a few new faces as well. It was a sweet little send off for us as we hit the road tomorrow. (We do have a show across state tonight, but we’ll sleep in our own bed one last time after that before really going out on tour!)

Anyways, here’s a snapshot from during the show, taken by our friend Kim!



And our good friend Bill (the guy who adopted our cat Harvey when he needed special attention that we could no longer give him) won the bid on the painting! (And came to the show wearing his Pocket Vinyl t-shirt! This is the design we’re selling now.)

_MG_3666One last photo, a close-up of the painting I did (oh and P.S. to see these paintings and much much more, please check out my Facebook art page!)

_MG_3666_edited-1And like I mentioned earlier, we will be performing again tonight:

Redding, CT – Redding Road House  8 PM

I’ll try to keep things updated on here as much as possible, but in case I can’t get to internet on the road, don’t forget to check out our full schedule on our website.