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Just took my last shower in our own bathroom, taking my time until the hot water began to run out, after waking up from my last sleep in our own comfy bed. At least for a while now. We leave officially on tour today, and we don’t usually know where we’ll be spending the night, and if we’ll be able to shower. Luckily, we do have some friends & family lined up to stay with for these first few days of tour. But as we’ll be venturing further south, I’m anticipating plenty of nights sleeping in our car and washing up in public bathrooms. And to be honest, despite all that, I’m really looking forward to this tour! The direction I’m taking in painting excites me, and it’ll be fun to get back into the “routine” of no real certainties about what each day will bring.

Last night we had a Pocket Vinyl show 2 hours from home, but decided to delay officially going on tour and instead come home afterwards to spend a last night in our warm bed. We played at the Redding Roadhouse, a historical restaurant bar and apparently Mark Twain frequented. I guess he died in a house just a hundred yards away.

We had some complications with a PA system. We’d actually had a show scheduled there for this past fall that we ended up cancelling because of a miss-communication about whether or not the venue could provide us with an in-house PA system. (We don’t own our own PA because 49 times out of 50 the venue has that taken care of.) So we rescheduled and this time around they had a couple speakers and a single cord, but not really enough to put something together. Not that big a deal though; Eric decided to simply play acoustically.

Oh and one other thing: We were scheduled to play for 3 hours, from 8:00-11:00. We’ve done this before, where I usually take my time on a very detailed painting instead of completing a full canvas in an hour or so, and that’s what I’d anticipated doing. But after talking with the bartender, who was also kind of in-charge of the entertainment, we found that usually bands would play a softer, background type set during the dinner crowd, then maybe around 9:30 continue on for the later bar crowd. The acoustic idea fit with this fine, and we decided that Eric would play instrumental music for the first part of the night, and for the final hour he’d get back into a regular full set and that’s when I’d also step in and create a painting. I liked this idea much better, because I hate stalling while I paint.

Everything ended up coming together great. Plus, a nice little handful of people came out just to see us and were very encouraging. Here’s the painting that came out of that last hour of our show:

Untitled-1The drive home was tough, arriving around 1:30 in the morning. We’re going to have to learn to get back into that sleep schedule.

Today’s all packing, doing laundry, and making sure everything’s set and ready for the next 5 weeks. Don’t forget to check out our tour page to see if we’ll be coming near you! Our’re playing one last Connecticut show tonight, in Bristol at the art space Bare Bones. Facebook event page with more details can be found here.