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From Bristol we finally left Connecticut and headed up and around NYC and then south to Lancaster, PA, to play a show at the Row House. We’d met and gotten connected with Tom, the guy who sets up the shows, at the Cornerstone Festival this past summer. We were on a bill with his daughter and her band, Katie Becker & the Bricklayers. We snapped a few shots of their set before we went on:


For some unknown reason, as we’d been driving the 5ish hours to get to our show in Lancaster, a muscle near my left shoulder blade suddenly pinched up and became almost unbearably painful.  We pulled over on the side of the road to try stretching, Eric tried cracking my back and massaging the area, I took a bunch of pain meds, but nothing seemed to be working. By the time we arrived at the Row House, I could barely move from the pain, and there was no way I could help Eric bring our gear into the venue. For almost the entire night I sat very still on a couch in the backroom, hoping the pain would subside. I was, however, able to get up to perform for our set, but it was very painful the entire time. The saddest part was, it seemed like it would’ve been a super fun show if I wasn’t in so much pain the entire time.

The painting itself actually ended up going to a call-in bidder, someone who wasn’t actually at the show but wanted the painting:


Luckily after the show we were already planning on headed to Elizabethtown to stay with our good friends Nate & Journey, and since we had the two cancelled Baltimore shows, we were able to relax a bit and my back healed up by the next day. Still have no idea what it was, but I’m definitely going to be trying to make sure I stretch much more daily. Maybe I’m just getting old… Anyways, it was scary.