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Friday, January 11th, was our first real “on tour” show of the Pocket Vinyl Little Dog Tour. We packed up everything we think we might need for the next 5 weeks, piled into our tiny little Camry, and headed west to Bristol, CT for a show at a sweet little art space called Bare Bones. We were the only act on the bill and it was almost like a DIY showcase deal. We love playing to those kinds of crowds, because everyone is so attentive and it encourages Eric to take the time to tell background stories for the songs in between musical numbers. Here a few photos taken by people in attendance:

Untitled-2The painting that came out of the night was a girl dressed in traditional Japanese attire carrying a pizza in a Costco. (I don’t usually give much background stories to my paintings, but in this case, this was a scene I saw when I was in Japan, doing grocery shopping with my host mom. Very surreal, and something I’ve always wanted to paint. Glad I had the chance to.


IMG_3692After the show our good friend Nikki (who’d also brought quite a substantial crowd to our show) had us spend the night at her house, which was awesome. Having had to sleep in the car yet on this tour so far! Oh, and apparently, George Washington once slept in her house. Crazy! Next stop, Lancaster.