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Last night we played our first ever Pocket Vinyl show in DC! The capital fascinates me; I’ve only visited a few times to check out museums, and I always feel like I wish I had much more time. I still haven’t been to the zoo! Of course, we didn’t have time to see anything yesterday, but I’m still hoping that someday we’ll take the time to visit all the exciting things the city has to offer. I did at least get a kick out of these signs leading into the city:

_MG_3745We were originally scheduled to perform a DIY house show, but because of complications the person booking the night switched us to Desperados, a little underground cowboy themed pub. Our good friend (and the guy who officiated our wedding), Jimmy was waiting for us, and it was really great to see him & hang out before the show. A handful of other old friends also showed up, which was awesome.

Another act dropped from the bill last minute so the night started with a solo artist, Sarah Fridrich, at her piano and we followed her. The space was ridiculously tiny and cramped, and I admit that I had quite a bit of difficulty getting comfortable painting. But I was still able to get my ideas out onto the canvas. Here’s the finished piece:





For the night we drove back to my brother’s place in Baltimore, and that was our last “certain” place to stay for quite a while. After tonight, I’m envisioning we’ll be sleeping in the car a lot. We’ll see.

Either way, tonight we’re headed back towards the DC area, for a show in Alexandria, Virginia, at St. Elmo’s Coffee Pub. Looks like a sweet place. We’ll be starting around 8:00. Don’t forget to check out our website for more tour dates!