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Such exciting news!! But first, I should give you all the regular news:

Last night’s Pocket Vinyl show at St Elmo’s in Alexandria, VA was a blast. Not only was everything well organized, well advertised, and well attended, but people were super welcoming, responsive, and great to talk with afterwards. The venue even fed us (!!). Oh and also, we had to drive directly through the middle of DC to get to the venue, so I was incredibly excited to see a few monuments as they rushed past. Someday we will do some DC sightseeing.

Untitled-1Oh, and as you can see from that adorable ink drawing on a teabag, St Elmo’s had local art covering their walls. They even sold handmade ceramic mugs with their logo for a mere $15! (That’s an amazing price, in case you weren’t aware.) 5 stars. Haha. Oh and, we met someone who’d graduated the same year as Eric from Houghton College and a girl who currently goes to Conn College in New London. Such a small world.

We had around 2 hours to play, and it was a nice chunk of time for me to complete a painting that I was really happy with.





Oh, and allow me to tell you an awesome story that will complete the warm fuzziness of this entire evening: The man pictured above on the right officially won the final bid on the painting, but immediately afterwards as Eric was walking over to finalize payment, the woman on the left, who had never met the man before, stepped between them to inform us that she actually wanted to pay for the painting and gift it to the man who’d won. She said she was a local to the coffee pub and would love to show her support for us by doing this. She even gave us more than the final bid. So much sweetness!

After cleaning up and saying goodbyes to everyone who came and everyone who was working, we packed up the car and hit the road south towards Broadway, Virginia, our next gig. Around midnight we pulled into the parking lot of a good ol’ Walmart Supercenter, found a dark area where one of the flood lamps had apparently burnt out, leaned our car seats back and crawled into our sleeping bags. It was a fitful night, and sleeping in the car again will definitely take some getting used to, but we do what we do because we love what we do! I’d much rather have a crappy night’s sleep in the car than have to go into an office everyday. (But btw, if you’re ever at a show and you’re considering asking if we need a place to stay, please do! Even if you don’t have a bed for us, trust us, sleeping on a cold hardwood floor beats sleeping in a Camry any day.)

This morning we woke up, washed up in Walmart’s public restrooms, and hit the road again. We arrived in Broadway around 10:30 this morning, and our show’s not until 8:00 tonight. So we wandered around town, checking out the Timberville Thrift Shop, Broadway Community Park complete with adorable bucking goats, and “Doug’s Stupid Store”. The public library’s closed because of a predicted snowstorm (hmmm) so instead we’re chilling out in Burger King using their free wifi. Thank you Burger King! You should think about sponsoring us. Just throwing it out there.



And one last (very exciting!!) thing that we were keeping under wraps for the past week & a half-ish: When we logged on here at Burger King we discovered that a podcast we recorded with Judge John Hodgman aired yesterday. So exciting!! If you don’t already you should definitely subscribe to the Judge John Hodgman podcast. It’s hilarious. He’s hilarious. He takes submitted petty arguments, listens to both sides, and dispenses justice upon them. We brought the case of swear words in our Pocket Vinyl music and whether or not it was appropriate since we sometimes perform at family friendly venues. It was delightful and hilarious to get to talk with Hodgman, and now you can listen in on that conversation! By the way, like I said, we just discovered that it’s been aired, so I have no idea what it sounds like. I’m hoping good… I do wonder if they censored it, cuz a whole lotta cussin’ went on. Anyways, go listen! We’re thrilled. The link to listen is here.

Lastly, come see us tonight if you’re in this adorable little Virginian town! We’ll be performing at Plan B at 8:00.