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Well, we finally listened to the most recent episode of the Judge John Hodgman podcast yesterday afternoon before heading into our show. We’re both happier with it than we thought we’d be (usually I despise listening to recordings of my own voice), but I have to warn you, there’s a whole lotta cussin’ going on in that episode! I guess I’d figured they’d beep words out and do some edit-censoring like they usually do, but apparently not for this one! Which is kind of funny… Anyways, listener discretion is advised!

As we were sitting in our car listening to the end of the podcast, a car pulled in front of us and two very old friends that we haven’t seen in close to 3 years got out!! (We were expecting them, but still.) By weird happenstance, our Korean friend Soo-in (Eric & I both taught English in Korea for a while) happened to post on Facebook that she was visiting friends in Maryland! And it just so happened that the friend she was visiting was another ex-ESL teacher we also knew from our time in Korea! So they both decided to come see our Pocket Vinyl show in Broadway, VA last night! It was a really great reunion. We all caught up over dinner and then Soo-in even signed up for the venue’s open mic by singing Britney Spears’ Toxic while Eric accompanied her on piano!


The venue, by the way, is amazing. The place is called Plan B and they’re basically doing everything an awesome local coffee shop should be doing. Eric and I were both kind of obsessed with wishing we could be regulars to this place. The only downside is that, while they’ve been open for a full year already, they’re having difficulty filling the place. A combination I’m guessing of small-town-ness mixed with people not wanting to step out of their comfort zones to experience this place. So seriously, if you live anywhere near the Broadway, VA area (I’m looking especially at you, Harrisonburg! You’re less than 20 minutes away!) you need to go check out Plan B, and here’s why:

cozy atmosphere complete with fireplace, side mini-gallery with local art, handmade ceramic mugs to drink your hot drinks out of, ridiculously reasonable prices on those hot drinks, homemade baked goods, delicious paninis, fresh salads & soups, most of their menu items are from local farms, a section where they sell other local goods, they have a kids’ play area complete with T-rex rocking “horse” (!), a bar that serves local beers & wines, an incredibly friendly and informative staff, a huge stage with great acoustics and an extremely helpful sound guy, and the venue use to be a roller rink. Seriously, the place is perfect. All they need is business. Go give it to them.

And we had a pretty sweet show. Here’s the painting:



Oh, and an extra awesome end to a fun gig: the owners of Plan B, George & Lisa, welcomed us to stay in their adorable little one room guest house on their awesome farm for the night (yay, no sleeping in the car and a shower!!). And they apparently offer this to anyone touring through Plan B. And their farm is awesome, full of high-energy & happy dogs, horses, geese, chickens, a donkey, goats (!!), and Li’l Sebastians! And they treated us to a homemade breakfast, including farm fresh eggs gathered that morning. Our lives are incredible.


And now we’re back on the road again, hanging out right now at the Saunton, VA Public Library waiting for our show tonight at the Pompei Lounge. We’ve been on tour for exactly a week today, and besides the two canceled Baltimore shows, this has been a really amazing tour. Let’s hope it just keeps getting better! See you on the road!