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That last show sure was sumthin’, huh? Sorry, I try not to allow my own negativity come through in writing too much, but sometimes spelling everything out helps me release it, you know?

Anyways, Eric & I left Scott’s before noon on Saturday and began towards our next Pocket Vinyl show in Richmond, VA. On the way we stopped for a few hours to do laundry and washed the cigarette stench out of everything. We also had our first Waffle House breakfast of the tour! After the previous night’s episode some bad comfort food was definitely needed.

Our show that night was at a DIY venue called the Spider Fortress, belonging to a couple of the members of the band Comrades. Laura, who’d set up the show, made us a delicious dinner and a bunch of us hung out until the show started. One of Laura’s housemates, going by the name Summer Camp, opened the show with some awesome looping on guitar, very impressive stuff. Then Laura played a solo acoustic set. We were third on the bill, and Son of the Sea finished things up, ending the show before 9:30 in order to be sensitive towards the neighbors (basically the opposite of the show from the previous night).



Laura had a cat that looked like he could’ve been one of our cat Sister’s kittens. We were both fascinated by him, and a little sad. I turned in early (Laura inviting us to sleep in the living room where we’d performed). The next morning was breakfast and discussing Laura’s band in attempts to record for a podcast we’re wanting to start. Technical difficulties prevented a good session though, there’s still a lot of kinks to work out.

We were back on the road again before noon, continuing south towards North Carolina & another show.