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Recently in the adventures of Pocket Vinyl: Sleep deprivation! A carload of cigarette-soaked dirty laundry! Food poisoning! And the world’s largest chest of drawers! On to the details.

Here’s the hilarious thing: On Monday (MLK Day) we had a show cancellation and literally nothing to do. We ended up wandering that extremely sad dead mall in High Point, spending a few hours in a Barnes & Noble, and visiting the world’s largest (and saddest) chest of drawers. (Seriously, it was on a street in a mostly abandoned part of town and the parking was a sad little dirt circle in the back.)


Right before heading to a Walmart to sleep in the car, I tried checking Facebook “just in case”. The wifi wouldn’t load and instead of being patient I closed the laptop and we drove off. Bad idea, we discovered later.

Around 2:00 in the morning I woke up to Eric tossing & turning, his stomach in pain. He then spent the next couple of hours passing Walmart, rushing to the bathroom to empty his stomach every few minutes. We’re pretty sure he got some kind of food poisoning. The next day we were both in zombie-like stupors from lack of sleep. At a public library we were able to get on-line and discover a message sent the day before from the owners at Turntable asking us if we wanted to stay at their apartment. Goodness. Eric gave them a call and they invited us by to take a nap in their warm, quiet, comfortable place. Such a luxury  When you’re on the road there really is no quiet privacy that’s not your car. Taking a quiet nap is almost unheard of. We were so incredibly grateful. They offered to let us spend that night at their place too.

In the evening we headed out towards Greensboro for a DIY house show at a place called the Karate Dungeon. Because it was dark when we arrived, we had a bit of trouble seeing the house numbers. I suggested we take a guess with the house with the One Piece pirate flag out front. It was a good guess.


It was a sweet show, and we ended up meeting a lot of really cool people and enjoying some really awesome music. The show was put on and run mainly by one of the members of the household, who opened the show with his solo project, Duke Stamina, rocking out on a ukulele. It was seriously awesome. Then he was joined by his band, Bare the Traveler, who played a really fun set with a really awesome sound. A metal group from Raleigh called Noctomb played next (and they actually ended up going home with the painting too). Then us. Then another metal band called Heron.


We played about a 45 minute show, and afterwards it looked like the painting would for sure go to the couple from Noctomb. Then, while Eric was closing out the bidding, this one guy stepped up and began upping the bid every time someone tried to outbid him. It’s always fun when that kind of thing happens. Finally, he outbid everyone, but as it turns out he’d come on his bike and couldn’t possibly bring the painting home, he was just doing it in fun. So he made a deal with the Noctomb couple, giving them the painting in exchange for them buying him one of our special edition 7″s (which we’re almost sold out of, btw). Which was seriously so sweet. Here’s all three of them together:



We headed out around 12:30, just as the last band was starting, exhausted and reeking of cigarettes. It had really been an awesome night, everyone was so great. We crashed back at the apartment belonging to the Turntable owners and I don’t remember a thing until about 10:00 this morning, I was so tired.

Today we left the Jamestown/High Point/Greensboro area and headed east to Greenville, North Carolina. We wanted to wash the smoke out of our clothes, but we couldn’t find a laundromat in this town. Oh well. For now we’re hanging out at the Tipsy Teapot, waiting for a comedy show to get started which we will follow. They’ve already fed us and given us tea & beer, which is awesome! And I’m excited about the comedy; definitely wasn’t expecting that. (Event for the night is here.)

In other news, I wonder where we’ll be sleeping tonight.

Oh and PS, last night was our 200th show, but we kind of forgot about the fact. Should’ve gotten a cake! Oh well.