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Yesterday, yesterday… right. Yesterday was our Pocket Vinyl show at the Tipsy Teapot in Greenville, NC. Adorable venue by the way, with delicious tea and a delicious dinner. There was quite a bit of confusion surrounding the actual show (a lot of different people involved had heard a lot of conflicting information) but it all turned out great in the end. We played with two local bands, a solo guy by the name of Ben Griffith opening the night, then us sandwiched in between, then the show was finished off with the Librarians.


Here’s something awesome: The guy who won the bid on the painting last night had actually first seen us perform way back in May at our kind of uncomfortable Fairfax show! He told us he’d recently transferred down to ECU and was thrilled to find that we were playing in his town! So awesome and wonderful.



After the show Sarah, from the Librarians, told us we could come crash on the couches at her place, so that was so nice to not have to sleep in the car last night. Especially since it was a particularly cold one in North Carolina and we hadn’t had a chance to wash the cigarette smoke out of our warm jackets yet.

Today though, after leaving Greenville this morning and arriving here in Wilmington, NC a little after noon, we found a laundromat and spent a couple hours doing laundry. Now we’re just hanging out at a library (until they close), waiting for our show tonight at Orton’s, starting at 9:00. The event page for tonight’ show can be found here.

After tonight’s show we’ve got two days off and a drive through 4 different states before our next show on the 27th in Jacksonville, Florida (our first Florida show!) I wonder what adventures these next few days will bring…