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We’re at a Dunkin Donuts, sitting by a window that shows a dozen palm trees, literally minutes from Myrtle Beach, and the television above our head is spouting icy road warnings and freezing temperatures for this weekend. Awesome.

Last night we played a Pocket Vinyl show in historic downtown Wilmington, NC, at Orton’s Underground, which boasts to be America’s Oldest Pool Room, dating all the way back to 1888! Apparently Thomas Edison played pool there once, and there are rumors of ghost sightings in the venue, after the fancy hotel that the pool room use to be a part of burned to the ground (Orton’s is all that remained). Spoooooky! Eric & I didn’t see anything. Besides a bunch of people playing pool.

We arrived on the early side, used the venue’s free wifi, enjoyed listening to the two guys from Charlotte who played before us, and dined on some delicious southern home cookin’, compliments of the guy who booked us. Despite the spare attendance, it was a decent show. There was a small handful of enthusiastic audience members, and the booker’s kindness and positivity made it difficult not to have a good time. He ended up winning the bid on the painting as well (and by the way, his nautical-themed appearance was a perfect match for this painting! And, I love the t-shirt his girlfriend made for him, using the V-neck as the letter “V” for his last name. Awesome).





We were all packed up and heading out by 1:00 in the morning, and we were faced with a dilemma: do we splurge on a hotel room or just sleep in the car again? So far we’d only slept in the car twice on this tour, but both times were pretty miserable, especially last time when Eric got food poisoning. Plus it was ridiculously cold, so would we end up freezing and not be able to sleep in the car? On the other hand, when you physically see the cash you make every night, it’s a lot more difficult to immediately shell it out for something that will be over so quickly… We actually did end up checking out about 3 different hotels close-by, and the cheapest thing we could find was $40 for a room. Which I know is really cheap… But it was 1:00 in the morning already. When we do get hotel rooms it’s so much more fun to check in as early as possible and stay as late as possible the next day so we can really get our money’s worth (if we ever operated a hotel we’d give a discounted price after a certain time at night). One other factor was that I’d been feeling sickness taking over earlier that afternoon, but by the time our show was over I was feeling fine. (We consider ourselves so lucky to not have gotten that crazy horrible flu so far. We’re eating a lot of oranges, so hopefully we can stay healthy this entire tour.)

Well, in the end, sleeping in our car in a Walmart parking lot won out.


And we’re so glad we decided on that. I did wake up on the early side shivering from the cold, but besides that we both got a good restful night’s sleep. Best night in the car so far this tour!

Now, we have the next two days off as we continue to make our way south to Jacksonville, Florida, for two shows on the 27th and 28th, don’t forget to check in with our tour dates to see where we’ll be and when we’ll be near you!

Now, I think we’re going to go check out Myrtle Beach for the first time! I’m excited. I love beaches when it’s cold out.

P.S. Once we get 1,000 likes on our Pocket Vinyl Facebook page we’re be doing a drawing and one lucky winner will receive a free painting done by me! We’re only two likes away, but even if we go over you can still be entered into the drawing! But it’s only open to people who like Pocket Vinyl on Facebook! Also, reminder, follow us on Twitter too!