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Well, like I’d mentioned earlier, we had two days off from Pocket Vinyl shows as we slowly continued to make our way south along the East Coast. Since we had/have almost 3 days to make the 7 hour long trip, we did take our sweet time, stopping to run around Myrtle Beach for a bit…





…and marvel at the dozens of spectacular mini golf courses, closed for the season. We can definitely understand the appeal and draw of this place. Heh. Also, I got a pocket, got a pocket full of seashells (that was sang all day).

From there we headed in to Charleston to meet up with Ian & Erin of Homemade Genius and The 827. We’d first met Ian last April in Abbeville, SC because we’d booked a show at his venue there but things hadn’t worked out for us to play. Now, he’s recently moved to Charleston and booked us to play at his new venue, but an unforeseen roof leak caused construction on the place to get pushed back, so he had to cancel on us again. I’m sure someday something will work out.

They showed us all around The 827 and the plans they had to put in a coffee bar, regular bar, large stage, & gallery space. It looks like it’ll be sweet once it opens. That night they let us stay at their place, which was awesome that we didn’t have to sleep in the car.

The next day (yesterday) Eric & Ian jammed some and did a little recording for kicks before we headed out to continue south.

The south is so… different. I can’t get over how it’s like a completely different country down here! Just driving along the highway in South Carolina, there are palm trees all over, palm “brush” in the woods, huge gnarled trees dripping in thick grey moss, weird little old independent gas stations and general stores with slow moving fans, wooden slotted shades to keep the sunlight out, regional sodas that I’ve never heard of… We made a handful of stops along the road to just look at some of this fascinating stuff… I mean, check out this amazing abandoned gas station shack along the highway!



When we crossed the boarder into Georgia we stopped at the Welcome Center (one of the nicest welcome centers we’ve stopped at!) and talked to some Georgia hotel representatives, handing out coupons. It was late afternoon and we had nothing to do but drive the last 2 hours to Jacksonville, so we figured, why not? We took a treat yo’ self night and checked into a crummy, yet somehow nostalgic, cheap motel behind a Waffle House just south of Savannah.

Our two day break ends tonight, with a show in Jacksonville, Florida at Shantytown Pub starting around 9:00, and then another show in Jacksonville tomorrow night at Burro Bar starting around 9:00. Then we’re off to Atlanta. Don’t forget to check in with our tour dates to see where we’ll be when!

Finally, one last very exciting thing that you’ll most likely want to get involved in! We’ve reached over 1,000 likes on our Pocket Vinyl Facebook page, and I said that once that happened I’d do a free custom painting for one lucky winner! To enter all you have to do is go like our Facebook page (if you haven’t already) and then comment on the highlighted status at the top of the page (the one that gives the rules of the drawing). That’s it! Good luck!