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It’s so warm here! We spent a good chunk of today either sitting on the hood of our car eating brunch (woke up too late for breakfast) or gessoing more canvases in a parking lot, so we both soaked up a lot of the 80° Vitamin D today. It’s awesome! And weird that I was wearing winter boots just a few days ago…



Last night we played a Pocket Vinyl show here in Jacksonville, Florida, at the Shantytown Pub. Florida was the last East Coast state we had yet to play a show in, so last night we achieved our goal to play every East Coast state from Maine to Florida!!

We arrived here in Jacksonville in the early afternoon, so we found some parking near the waterfront and spent a couple hours walking all around and over the river, really enjoying being outside and getting to stretch out legs a little. It is so Florida-y here!!



In the evening we headed to Shantytown and met a bunch of the very friendly people who work there. Seriously, everyone was awesome. We enjoyed some delicious local Jacksonville beers and some grilled vegetables, and listened to a couple local acts play before we got up on stage. Then, there was a friendly and exciting bidding war for the painting, and the two guys who’d been in competition over it made peace by both being in the photo together (guy on the right in black won it):




Then, after the bar emptied and we packed up, the guy who’d gotten the painting showed us to his apartment down the street and let us crash on his floor. So incredibly nice to get to stretch out and not have to sleep in the car! (Seriously. A floor is way better than the car!)

Tonight we’ve got another Jacksonville show, at the Burro Bar. Which apparently, is run by a lot of the same people who work at Shantytown, so I’m guessing we see a bunch of them tonight! Then tomorrow, we’re heading back north with a show in Atlanta, Georgia! See you on the road!

P.S. The contest to win a FREE PAINTING of WHATEVER YOU WANT is still open! Until tomorrow at noon! Just go comment on the status explaining everything on Pocket Vinyl’s Facebook page!