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I’m so use to our short little 2-3 hour long drive between gigs, that after today’s 6+ drive to Atlanta, I feel groggy and bleh. Especially after feeling like I got cheated out of a free geltao mini cone! But that’s a different story…

Last night we had our second & last (for now) Pocket Vinyl show in Jacksonville, Florida! It was at the Burro Bar alongside a solo act going by the name Garrett on Acoustic. He was really cool and we had a great time hanging out with him before the show started.



The third act canceled so it was just him and then us. And here’s the painting that came from the show:





I wish everyone was this enthusiastic to get a painting.

Also, cool thing: We had our first group of “Judge John Hodgman fans”! As in, people who’d heard of us from the Judge John Hodgman podcast and because of it came out to see us. That was surreal & awesome.

After packing up we were again faced with the dilemma, to get a hotel room or to sleep in the car. And we ended up making a bad decision. But at least hear why: it was midnight, we were exhausted… Also, because of plumbing issues at the house we’d stayed at the night before, we hadn’t been able to shower, and that combined with a hot and sweaty Florida day, a venue you can smoke in, and imagining how greasy and gross-feeling we’d feel waking up in the car the next morning, we decided to stop at the Travel Inn, which advertised $30 rooms! Sounded great! Not great.

First off, the $5 deposit that we’d receive back the next morning after returning the TV remote should’ve tipped us off some… The locks on the door wouldn’t latch up exactly, and it looked liked a hefty boot could easily break the door down. The window curtain looked like it’d been riddled with a machine gun and there was a 1/2 gap under the door. Thin red & stained carpet stretched over an uneven floor that seemed to have sink holes, the sheets (on the double-sized bed, way too small for Eric, much less the both of us) & towels were also stained, and the bathroom… Oh! The bathroom! Chunks of the wall were cracked and peeling into the shower, when Eric turned the shower on the shower head itself shot off of the spout, skyrocketing like a missile into the tub. Only by jamming it back on and keeping the pressure incredibly low were we able to avoid grapefruit sized bruises from the thing. The tub also didn’t drain even close to fast enough and I actually had to stop the water this morning to keep the tub from seriously overflowing. And, for some reason, the hot & cold got divided between the faucet and shower, so while mildly lukewarm water leaked from the shower my feet got scalded (seriously, they were still blotchy and hurting an hour later). And, to literally make this the best night ever, I couldn’t sleep hardly at all! And no, not because I was terrified of the loud voices right outside our door or the fear of a cockroach making its home in my ear (I forgot to mention, a 2 inch cockroach charged me at the bar), but because I couldn’t turn my mind off from thinking up new art ideas!!

So. Like I said, I am groggy & bleh from the car ride, and exhausted from lack of sleep at the world’s worst motel. The worst.

In happy news, we stopped at a ridiculous Florida tourist trap on our way out of the state today, and almost got tempted into buying a tiny dead shark in a jar!



Now we’re in Atlanta, Georgia. This place is like the north compared to the weirdness of Florida! We play in just a few hours at a place called WonderRoot just down the street. And I am looking forward to reuniting with a friend I haven’t seen in 10 years! So that’ll be something awesome. Tomorrow, back to Johnson City, Tennessee!