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From Atlanta, Georgia, we continued on the northern path to our good old friend, Johnson City, Tennessee! I’m really not 100% sure what it is about this quiet and half-abandoned city, but Eric & I really do love it so much. It seems tattered and a little sad, but comfortable and welcoming. Plus, they’re the home of Dr Enuf! And Dr Enuf is the best!! (We also have a weird and unreasonably large amount of pride in a regional soda from a region we’re not even from…) So awesome!

On our drive from Atlanta to Johnson City hit the middle of a really severe rain storm, the kind where you can barely see the car immediately in front of you despite your wipers going full speed. It was a bit scary. And we seemed to be following its course, so we didn’t actually exit the storm until we arrived at our venue (and even then it was still raining and cold. Leaps and bounds away from the 80 degree weather in Florida!)

We were performing that night at a DIY house venue, belonging to a sweet young family that had moved out to Johnson City from California a few years earlier. The husband/father is in seminary and the wife/mother has a very successful Mary Kay business. We actually performed in her basement showroom. I’ve never known too much about the Mary Kay organization and how it works, so it was cool to hear some of the inspirational stories of woman escaping from abusive situations because they were able to independently support themselves with their own business. Very inspiring.

The show itself was small and intimate, a combination of bad weather mixed with the fact that it was a week night and a lot of potential audience members had early seminary classes in the morning. It was nice though, and because much of the audience were people our host knew from seminary, it was neat to get to talk on a similar field in terms of struggling with faith, who is God, and what do we actually believe in and why.

Here’s a snapshot someone took during our show:


We played a two 45 minute set (which comes to almost 2 hours with the break in the middle) so I had a lot of time to work on a more complex, and kind of goofy, painting:



After the show our host let us crash on an air mattress in the basemen, and do a much-needed load of laundry the next day. Oh, and we woke up to snow flurries! Literally 2 days earlier we’d been sunning our bare arms & legs in Florida, and now it was snowing! Oh well, at least we did get a few warm days on this tour!