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We’re in Blacksburg, VA and just had to bail our car out of jail! Happy Groundhog Day! But before that we were in Johnson City, Tennessee! Home of Dr Enuf!! (Dr Enuf appeared in a Christmas gift I gave Eric last month. I need to post about that sometime soon.)

Ok, but first: our show in Atlanta, Georgia this past Tuesday, January 29th. Much better than our first Atlanta show! (Warning, that blog post is not for the weak of stomach.) We played a Pocket Vinyl show at an artist collective called WonderRoot. Awesome place, by the way. Members pay $10 a month and get access to a screen printing studio, darkroom, ceramic studio, general arts studio, computer lab, gallery space, community garden, and of course the venue space. Awesome! If you’re in the Atlanta area I highly recommend checking it out.

The show itself was fairly small, but a nice little crowd trickled in. Oh, and the other two bands were spectacular!! Seriously, we were both very impressed and had an awesome time listening to these incredibly talented people. The first act was Kate Wright, who had this big, great singing voice and was so fun. We were sandwiched in the middle and played a 35 minute set, and a trio called Jesse and the Great Perhaps. They had fun quirky instruments and the most amazing 3-part harmonies I’ve heard while on tour. So much fun. Plus, they gave away free shirts! So we both grabbed one.

An old college friend, Greg Dabb, came out to see us play and ended up winning the bid on the painting. (I’m really kind of in love with this painting, btw. It was hard to let go, but I was happy it went to a friend!)





Then, and here’s one of the sweetest parts of this life we lead, we went back to spend the night with an old friend that I literally haven’t seen in ten years!! Nadine & I met in Ecuador on a missions trip (which, hilariously enough, we both now disagree strongly with theologically based on where our beliefs have lead us) in 2003. We’ve had some close calls where we’ve both been in the same city twice (once in Lima, Peru, and again in Philly) but it never worked out that we could met up until she discovered we’d be touring through Atlanta and she happens to be living there until April! Seriously, so awesome to see her! (And she graciously offered us her own bed and warm showers, which were a wonderful relief after that horrid hotel night in Jacksonville!)



We caught up over a leisurely hot breakfast the next morning (a rarity on the road) but unfortunately had to hit the road by late morning to make it to our next gig.

The past few days have been a whirlwind of driving and playing shows and hanging out with friends  which is the main reason I’m a few days behind blogging, but we’re going nowhere today so I’m hoping to catch up a bunch here. Thanks for being patient! Next blog stop, Johnson City!