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After finishing up our laundry on Thursday, the last day in January, Eric & I headed out into the flurries to meet up with an old friend I haven’t seen in a few years. Jocelyn & her little family moved to Johnson City recently, so it was cool that we got to meet up there after last seeing each other in Baltimore 6 years earlier. When she heard we’d be in town she told us we could come stay with them and in talking we arranged a little art trade. (Yay I love art trades!)

Jocelyn runs Studio Mathewes Photography and does amazingly beautiful and bright, cheery, colourful work. I really love her stuff. (Go check out her sight. Then book her to take amazing fun photos!)

After warming up with some tea and discussing a few ideas, the three of us head out towards downtown with an armload of props to meet with her assistant and then tromp all over the freezing windy streets looking for colourful walls and quirky scenes. It was so much fun! Even Eric, who’s typically very uncomfortable in front of a camera, was able to relax and have a blast. Jocelyn has a great way of making people feel natural by directing and not directing in a very natural way. We were constantly throwing off our coats, quickly posing, then jumping around to stay warm between shots. The only reason we stopped was because we couldn’t handle the biting winds any longer!

Back at their sweet little home we hung around with her shy little ones (Ruth insisted on holding my eraser at the ready for me while I was sketching) until dinner, which was one of the first hot & home cooked dinners we’ve had in quite a long time. It was really wonderful.

Immediately after that however we had to scoot over to the Acoustic Coffeehouse for our second Johnson City show on this tour. Turns out our friends from Fable Cry, who were performing with us that evening, were running a little late, so we ended up enjoying a few beers & playing cards while we waited for things to begin.

There was a great Thursday night crowd and Fable Cry started the show off with a fun combination of older and new things. Seriously, they are a blast to watch & listen to. We love these guys:



We finished off the night with our set, and I painted a turtle in a bucket! Which, I was happy about, went to a very enthusiastic turtle-lover:





There was a great response from the crowd as well; one guy came up to me afterwards, apologized for being broke (what a silly thing to apologize for), but because he wanted to give me something he handed me a cigarette. Something about the gesture, although a little funny, was touching & sweet, and kind of reminded me of the story of “the widow’s mite“.

We were able to hang around with Zach and Kirstie from Fable Cry for a little while, but they had a 4 hour drive home that night, so we eventually said our goodbyes, packed p, and headed our separate ways: them back to Nashville, ad us back to Jocelyn & Fr Steve’s.

We’ll be back in Johnson City, playing again at the Acoustic Coffeehouse, in barely a month! Keep updated with our tour on-line!