Well, now that the robbery blog is off my chest… I do have a few days of tour from before the DC robbery that I still need to catch up on. And, arguably, they’re just as exciting.For example, on Friday, February 1st, we started the day off with me pulling a tiny plastic star out of Eric’s ear with a pair of tweezers, and ended with us bailing our car out of car jail.  So on Friday we woke up at Jocelyn’s house, and after breakfast she set up some backdrops and shot a whole bunch of photos of us, inside this time.  I’m pretty excited to see how those are going to turn out. We popped party poppers, blew bubbles, and tossed star-shaped confetti until the carpet was covered with the stuff and we were trailing it all throughout the entire house. So much fun.  After cleaning up and packing up, we had to say our goodbyes and get back on the road heading north.



But we couldn’t leave Johnson City without first picking up a sick pack (or two) of Dr Enuf!! And, a $3 six pack of Walgreens beer… Ha!



Not the best. But you know, not as bad as you’d expect!
We arrived in Blacksburg a little early, and were able to connect with my old roommate from Salvation Army Camp 5 years ago, Sadah! She treated us to dinner in one of Virginia Tech’s many cafeterias. It was really great getting to see & hang out with her. From there we headed over to Deet’s Place, a coffee shop connected to another cafeteria (we’d played here before) and began setting up for our show. There were a handful of guys helping set up for the show that we talked with some. They were putting rolls of white paper over the tables so people could doodle & sketch during our show, so I drew a 5 minute crayon portrait of Eric while we waited to start.


We played two 45 minute sets and as it turned out, the couple who’d come seen us last time we played at Deets and won the painting came again this night, wearing our t-shirt, and bought the painting from this show as well! It was cool to have fans there.





They also picked up our very last special edition 7″ vinyl, so those are all sold out now! (Though there might still be a few over at The Telegraph in New London.)

_MG_4194After packing up and saying goodbye, we were in the car driving to find someplace to spend the night when Sadah called and offered to let us crash on her floor. That beat sleeping in the car or paying for a hotel room, so we drove over to her apartment. Before we knocked on the door we could hear the noise of people laughing and shouting coming from inside her place. And when the door did open, someone yelled “Sadah! There’s a big white man looking fo you!”

The living room was filled with about 20-30 college students sitting in a circle in the floor, and Sadah was probably the only sober one in the bunch. They quickly sat the three of us down, put some drinks in our hands, and grafted us into their version of King’s Cup. It was hilarious and fun and we had an awesome time.

Things began to wind down around 2:30 am, and people bundled up and stepped out to go home. Within seconds everyone had rushed back inside yelling. Eric ran out and then back in again wide-eyed: our car, along with two others, had been towed. The worst part is there were literally no signs at all saying we couldn’t park where we had. One of the girls who lived in the apartment said that they should’ve told us all when we first came in that we needed to park in the spaces marked “visitor”. Apparently the tow company came by every hour and charged $150 to get your car back. Seriously?! That’s just a teeny bit obsessive. And there were no signs at all!! One girl who lived there had her car and drove the three that needed to go pick up their cars (including Eric) to the tow place. Thank goodness they were open all night. Apparently the guy lectured them with “they should’ve known better” and that we “must’ve been partying pretty hard from what he heard.” What a jerk. Luckily it only cost (“only”) $100 to bail the car out, and there were no damages done to it or anything. Still, $100 we really didn’t need to shell out.

On the other hand, as we know now, we ended up losing all of our money, so I guess that $100 wasn’t really that big a deal.
We ended up falling asleep on Sadah’s floor around 3:00 in the morning.