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Well… We’ve been robbed. To be honest, we have sort of had that fear lingering in the backs of our minds since we first began touring. Now it’s finally happened. Things are bad, but they’re really not as bad as they could be. For example, I’m typing this out on my laptop; our laptops weren’t stolen. And really, the entire car could’ve been taken, with all our gear and basically our entire livelihood. I mean, imagine someone stealing your entire house. That’d be bad.

We had Super Bowl Sunday off, with no shows, so we leisurely made our way from Blacksburg, Virginia to Washington, DC. We weren’t suppose to arrive in DC until tomorrow night, but we were going to be sleeping in the car, so we called up our friend Jimmy and he said we could stay at his apartment. We all had a great time hanging out late last night, then this morning at 9:00 when Eric went to move the car (two hour parking started at 7:00) he discovered the passenger window smashed in. We lost a couple thousand in cash, the GPS, and our iPod. That couple thousand was all the cash we’ve made on this tour so far, and I know it doesn’t seem like much, but with the way we scrape and save that would’ve got us a long way.

When I let the heaviness and depression of the reality seep in, it’s exhausting to think about all the booking, driving from place to place, sleeping in our car or on hard floors, skipping meals & eating dry cereal, creating paintings, watching them get bid and negotiated right in front of me, talking up our merch and trying to sell what we do… And now how the physical proof of all that work was snatched up in such a violating way… It weighs heavy. And to think of the college loans we could’ve fed with that cash.

Eric brought the car to a place just up the street to get the window fixed. They were sympathetic to our story and said they’d repair it without charging us for labor, which is amazing. They also said there’s been a slew of car thefts in this area, after GPS’s. It was just lucky for them that they also happened upon a wallet full of cash. And yes, we know it was dumb to leave that cash in the car. We know now. And obviously won’t be doing that again.

Eric is actually taking this much much worse than I am. I’m just incredibly relieved that the car itself wasn’t stolen. We still have the car, it still runs,
and we still have the piano and everything we need to continue touring. We even still have my camera, which was right there in the passenger seat but covered.

It’ll cost us a couple hundred dollars to get back on our feet, repair the window, get a new GPS. We’ll have to tighten our belts a couple notches; the cushion room we had yesterday in regards to bills is now lost, and we’ll just have to scrape, save, and starve a little extra to keep from going under. But we’re ok. And even though we did lose so much last night, this tour has been the most encouraging and successful in terms of connecting with people and feeling like we’re actually developing a bit of a fan base. We’re so grateful to all of you who’ve been supporting us, even emotionally, along this tour. And we’re going to keep going as long as we can.

This isn’t a stop, just a setback.

P.S. If any of you have been considering ordering music or other merch from us, but were holding off for one reason or another, now would be a great time! We could really use the money. And, although I won’t be able to get to commissions until June because of touring, if you are thinking you want a painting, please let me know and we can hash out details. Check out our bandcamp here, or feel free to e-mail me about paintings: elizabeth.jancewicz@gmail.com