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On Saturday, February 2nd, we woke up at Sadah’s and spent the morning hanging out and catching up. Around noon Eric drove her to a lunch conference she had to go to and we said our goodbyes & thank yous. Eric & I ended up spending most of the day hanging out at a Panera Bread, using their wifi & watching the thick snow begin to coat everything, remembering how it was only a few days ago that we were in Florida. We were given a couple Panera Bread gift cards over the holidays, which really come in handy when we’re on the road. Panera has such a comfortable, home-like atmosphere (which you come to really miss when you’re on the road so much) and we were able to find a cozy table by a fire that they had going and enjoyed some hot soups. Plus, I really feel uncomfortable going into a place and using their wifi without giving them business, even when it’s a chain like Panera or Starbucks.
By the time we left there was thick snow covering everything. I just recently tossed out my winter boots because my mom’s little dog had chewed them so badly that the sole was just barely hanging on. Then I recently discovered that my only pair of shoes have a tear in one of the soles and walking on anything besides a dry surface immediately soaks into my sock. So walking on this snow was really not fun at all. I desperatly need new shoes. And boots.
That evening we headed over to the XYZ Gallery downtown for our second Pocket Vinyl show at this venue. It’s a cute little upstairs art gallery, with an awesomely enthusiastic and completely student run staff. The show was packed out, there were people sitting on the floor and standing in the doorways. It was so much fun and so incredibly encouraging. We did so well with merch these past couple days that by the end of the night we only had a couple things left.


(This suitcase was full when we started tour!) I’ve just finished up some sketch ideas for new t-shirts, hopefully that we can get to during the one week we’re home in February before our next big 2 month tour in March/April.
And here’s the painting that came from this show:




Afterwards we stuck around XYZ for a while to “talk shop” with some of the staff and to let them know how much we appreciate them.
Then, the vice-president of the group, a guy named Steve, gave us one of the best compliments I think we’ve ever received, saying, “You guys are like the hope that people get from Pixar movies”.
So adorable. Thanks XYZ, you guys are the best.