Yesterday, as most of this country knows, was Super Bowl Sunday. And we literally had absolutely nothing to do. Usually having a day off is great, if you’re at home or maybe visiting some good friends. But Eric & I just felt antsy the entire day. We had to make our way from Blacksburg, VA to Arlington, which was only a few hours, so we tried finding things to do along the way.
We pulled off the highway at the prompting ofa handful of huge billboards advertising the “World’s Largest Natural Bridge”, and were greeted by some creepy and hilarious homemade signs…


We came upon an open area with a handful of large and creepy abandoned looking mansions, and wandered into one with a sign reading “gift shop”. The place had that “abandoned building smell” and was dark and cold, with maybe 2 employees hidden among the musty souvenir t-shirt racks. Just overall creepy.
We asked one about how to get to the Natural Bridge, and she pointed us through some doors, down some steps, and off onto a path into the woods. Right as we were heading out though an older woman began yelling and reprimanding us, saying we needed to purchase $16 tickets if we wanted to see the bridge. Really? Plus you know, she didn’t have to talk to us like we were naughty 4 year olds. We got in the car and left, pretty irritated.
The rest of the day consisted of wandering around northern Virginia, stopping to take photos of a civil war cannon outside a Burger King (Whaaaat?) and trying to find anything that wasn’t closed for Super Bowl Sunday.


Finally we ended up sitting in a Walmart parking lot with a to-go pizza, watching a RedBox movie (Ted) on Eric’s laptop. This is touring life.


And you know the rest. We arrived in DC soon after midnight, met with our good friend Jimmy, had some laughs, and fell asleep in his apartment. The next morning the car window was smashed and we were a couple thousand dollars poorer. Well… This is touring life.