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This past Monday, February 4th, the day we discovered we’d been robbed and financially set way back, we had the best show we could’ve asked for. So many good friends, old & new, came out to see us, the venue (Galaxy Hut) was amazing and really wanted to do everything they could to serve the bands, the crowd was enthusiastic and engaged, and Wendell K was awesome to watch and he offered to let us park in his building’s inside parking garage for the night. Even though we had nothing left to steal it certainly put our minds at ease.


We felt so blessed and encouraged by everyone’s kind words. It really was an amazing show. And even though I said we were not going to cancel any shows or anything because of what happened, it was really good to know that we could get back on our feet again so quickly.

The painting that night was inspired by a memory I have with my younger brother, catching pigeons in Trafalgar Square as kids. Also, hands are kind of universally difficult to paint; I remember sometimes shying away from depicting them while in school. So I’m liking the challenge of painting them live and within a short time frame.



Seriously, such a good ending to such a crappy beginning. Wendell dropped us back off at Jimmy’s and while I drifted off around 2:00 am, Eric & Jimmy stayed up until about 5:30. It’s nice to be around good friends at this time.

We’ve only got 5 shows left on this tour. Keep up with them and our next big tour in March/April on our website.

P.S. We received a very sweet write-up about the robbery by the Hartford Courant. So go check that out!