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Yesterday morning we woke up around 8:00. Keep in mind Eric & Jimmy had stayed up until 5:30 am. The reason we woke up around 8:00 was because Jimmy was jumping around the room singing “wake-up songs”. So we crawled out of bed and followed Jimmy onto the metro and out to a breakfast place. Oh Jimmy.

The rest of the day involved Eric trying to unsuccessfully nap before we headed out in the evening towards Frostburg, Maryland, for a Pocket Vinyl show at Dante’s Bar.


Frostburg is about 2 1/2 hours out of DC, so it was a bit out of our way, but it was where we got a show, so we went. We ended up playing at about 10:00 and got off to a rocky start with Eric’s voice suddenly giving out on the high notes in the first song. We’re a little afraid that he might be catching a cold, but we bought a bunch of orange juice today and some vegetables, so hopefully we can keep any sort of illness at bay at least until this tour is over. Only one week left!

Although no one specifically came out to Dante’s to see us, a handful came up to us afterwards to let us know they really enjoyed us and bought a few albums.

The painting from last night involved a hand again (!) and a squirrel I met in a garden in Vienna.





We found ourselves driving away from Dante’s through thick cold slush (that got into my stupid broken shoe! The worst!) close to midnight. Oh also, we discovered that driving for hours without an iPod really sucks. We have cassettes of the Hobbit but very quickly discovered that our cassette player is broken. Awesome. So we spent hours sifting through constantly changing radio stations. It’s crazy how used we get to technology, like iPods & GSP’s, that when they’re taken away we don’t know what to do with ourselves. ugh.

Still an hour & a half from our next show in Greenbelt we pulled into a travel center and crawled into our sleeping bags. Sleeping in the car again. We felt safe. warm, and exhausted. It was a good night.

Tonight, we play our last show in the DC area, at New Deal Cafe in Greenbelt starting around 7:00.

Finally, one last thing: After we discovered that we’d been robbed on Monday, Eric & I both went on-line to talk about the huge setback we’d just encountered. We felt violated, deflated, and shocked. We were very worried about our future and whether or not we’d be able to meet some large financial deadlines.

Then, over the next 2 and a half days, we have been completely overwhelmed and amazed at the army of friends, fans, even complete strangers, who have stepped up to help us in this difficult time. Whenever we’ve had internet during these few days Eric has sat staring into his screen with hands over mouth and tears in his eyes as he’s read your wonderful, encouraging, and loving notes, and to see how selflessly and generously you’ve all been working at helping us out. We both feel amazed and humbled. Thank you, thank you all so much. You have no idea how incredible it feels right now to see the care that so many of you feel for us. We just hope that someday we can show you all even just a little of the love you’ve given to us. You’re all so beautiful and amazing.