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On Wednesday, February 6th, we had a Pocket Vinyl show in Greenbelt, Maryland, at the New Deal Cafe. We spent a good chunk of the day at the Frederick Public Library, such a comfortable place, using their wifi and trying to keep on top of things. (It can get so hard on the road.) Before the show we headed over to our good friends Melissa & Rory’s place for hanging out and delicious Asian food. These are the people who have the most Pocket Vinyl paintings of anyone! Here, here, here, and here! It was cool to see the paintings hanging around their place.

Then, Melissa gave me a pair of boots! She noticed my woos about how my last pair of boots had fallen apart and how my sneakers were basically useless, and with us heading north towards ever more snow (guys, stay safe with Nemo!), and she had a pair of boots that she’d recently bought but weren’t quite fitting her right. She had me try them on and they seriously fit perfectly. I am so excited! Especially since I was looking around for boots and couldn’t find a single thing I liked in my price range. Here are my old broken boots that I had to toss, and the new ones!


Melissa’s in the military and she bought these for that purpose, so they quality is amazing! They also make me an inch taller, and freak Eric out. He thinks I should be killing zombies in them. Ha!

From their place we caravanned over to New Deal Cafe and set up for our show. The venue is pretty awesome, and it attracts a good sized crowd that actively listens and is respectful of bands. Plus, they serve Lebanese food!

The best part of the show was the people who showed up: besides Melissa & Rory (and a handful of other awesome people who happened to be there) a woman came up to say she’d heard us on the Judge John Hodgman podcast (I love when that happens!), our good old college friends DK and Cameron (!) showed up, and completely unexpectedly little Danyelle surprised me before we went on with a hug! It was awesome getting to see one of our youngest fans. Apparently she’d recently moved down to the DC area and was so excited to see us again. The best. She’s so sweet.


We played a longer show: two 45 minute sets. So I was able to complete a more complicated painting. This one was inspired by a trip I took to Panama in 2004. I was in a canoe near the shore and tons of these spider monkeys bounded through the trees, hanging on swinging branches and reaching towards me, looking for a handout. Adorable.



DK was so excited about this painting, and I’m really glad he won the bid on it. It’s always so fun to see the enthusiasm of someone who really wants the painting.

New Deal Cafe closed up pretty soon after we finished up, and we headed back towards Jimmy’s place in DC. Wendell let us park in his garage again, which just really eased our minds of spending the night in that neighborhood again. It was a good couple days in DC, even with the robbery.