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We left Jimmy’s and DC yesterday after a really awesome couple days of hanging out. I wish we’d gotten a chance to see some of the sights… especially the zoo!! But that trip will have to wait for another time. Anyways, from DC we continued heading north towards the California, PA area. Our friend Sean had set us with with a house show in Coal Center, and we got here around 6:00. The show was awesome. It was only the 2nd house show they’ve hosted here, and there was a really awesome turnout from the college. The guys who all live here are awesome too, and were super helpful with sound & recording, and lots of great in-depth music talks happened late into the… early morning.

Two bands played before us, first Sean’s band Chicos del Muerto, then Fry, one of the guys who lives here, did a solo set.



Seriously, so crowed. So awesome.

We finished up the night. Best part of the set: During our song My Brother’s Time when a crowd of people “woo’d” with me! It’s fun (and weird) when people sing along. Ha.

The painting last night came from a very personal place in both our hearts: It was inspired by our cat Sister Sweater Moonshine, who we had to put down a year ago Thanksgiving, when she was hit by a car. Before passing away though she’d had 8 tiny black kittens, and she used to carry them all over our bedroom. We really miss her, but are glad she gets to live on through her many children.





sigh. We miss her so much. She was the best cat.

They let us crash at the house last night, and we even got to do some much-needed laundry! Tonight we’ll be playing with all the same guys again! In Pittsburgh at the Shadow Lounge. This tour’s winding down. But we’ll see you all on the next one (which has just been posted!)