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Pittsburgh! After 2 cancelled Pittsburgh shows for one reason or another, we finally had a Pittsburgh Pocket Vinyl show that happened!

We left the guys place in Coal Center in the late afternoon and headed out, getting stuck in traffic, taking wrong turns, and having issues with parking. Finally we rushed in to the Shadow Lounge around 5:40 (for a 6:00 show!! We try to never ever be that late). We were greeted by an empty room and only two guys working there who were wondering if there’d even be a show that night. Little nerve-wracking. Plus, there were 4 bands scheduled to play and we were told we had to be out of there by 9:00 (apparently the place turns into a dance club at night).

I set up on the back of the stage and we waited anxiously as I, the Conflict and the Chicos Del Muerto guys trickled in. Things were sort of chaotic, and I was getting so nervous that I seriously wouldn’t have the time to complete a painting. Then, to make things even more stressful, each sound-check took forever. I was so worried. And, Fry hadn’t show up yet when I, the Conflict had already started. Fry did show up in time though, and as I, the Conflict was finishing up, the sound guy actually told us we didn’t have to be done until 10:20. Instantly I was able to relax. Thank goodness. I hate stress about shows.


(P.S. I loved that octopus painting up there.)

We played after Fry. I painted a goldfish that I took care of for a summer when I was 14 and got very close to. (The little guy even got to the point where he recognized me.) And a girl who’d seen us the night before won the bid on the painting!





After us the Chicos Del Muerto guys played a really fun set.



After that, we packed up and said goodbye to many of the new friends we’d made over these past two shows. Such a fun time.

And then, goodbye Pittsburgh! We headed out into the light dusting of snow that had begun. It was Friday night, and I knew I’d read that the big Nemo snow storm was scheduled to hit at it’s worst at that time, but we were pretty confident it wasn’t suppose to be bad around our area of PA. …We were so wrong. We were on our way to Altoona to stay with our good friends Henry & Ashley. Unfortunately, there’s no highway connecting Pittsburgh to Altoona, and we found ourselves crawling along back roads over mountains and through woods in the heart of the worst part of the storm. Come on, I grew up practically in the arctic, and I’d still never been in a storm that bad. Most of the trip we were crawling at 20 miles an hour or less, once we came upon an entire herd of deer that suddenly appeared out of the swirling snow, another time an old ragged shaggy dog appeared in the middle of the road, and disappeared into the white as quickly as he’d come. It. Was. Terrifying. During one 20 minute leg of the trip, as we crawled along the very top of a windswept ridge, we could literally see no further than the very front of our car, if we were lucky. And there was no stopping, the only way to get out of it was to keep going. Eric was following our GPS as to wear to turn, because we could see nothing. So scary. Here’s a still from a video I took out our windshield:



Thank goodness we made it to Altoona. Seriously the scariest ride ever…

Then we were able to spend a nice relaxing Saturday with Henry & Ashley, playing Monopoly (I lost first).