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I just woke up from my second to last night in my own bed before we head out on tour again for another two months. I love tour, it’s fun and exciting and adventurous! The biggest worry I had about growing up when I was younger was that my grown up life would be boring and have no adventures. So I do love tour. But honestly, we just got back! Only 9 days ago. I want to spend a few more nights in my cozy bed before we have to head out and sleep in the car. I want to spend a few more meals cooking fresh foods, instead of eating cold dry cereal three times a day. I want to spend a few more moments in quiet, instead of being in public places all the time.

Sorry for whining. It’s raining and cold this morning, and I couldn’t help thinking how nice it’d be to stay in bed until May.

(Bee tea dub, our tons of tour dates for these next two months have been posted on our newly vamped website, so go check those out!)

Backing up. After leaving Altoona, PA on Sunday, February 10th, we continued north to Houghton, NY, where Eric’s parents live (and where we both went to college). I’ve mentioned before, it’s always nice walking around the campus and being nostalgic, but there’s always a twinge of heartache too. I miss being in college, but I’m glad we moved on. It was also nice visiting with a few of our friends who, after graduating, ending up getting jobs around campus. Like our good friend Ashley, who invited us over to see Oliver, the kitten we gave her a couple years ago from our dear sweet cat Sister. (Oliver is a panther now. We love him.)


On Tuesday February 12th we had our next Pocket Vinyl show after Pittsburgh, in what continues to be one of my favorite little towns I’ve ever lived in, Corning, NY. A couple of our friends in the area had helped us out by getting us a show at Holmes Plate on Market Street for Mardi Gras!

Our good friend Nicole took some photos for us during the show:


And after the show Nicole & her husband Derrick ended up being the ones who took the painting home!




(With a little photo bomb by Alex there.)

Well actually, Eric & I ended up being the ones who took the painting home, because we stayed at their place for the night. Derrick & Nicole so incredibly selflessly gave up their super comfy bed for us to sleep in… But I foolishly didn’t think I needed to lock the door. I was groggily awoken in the middle of the night to what I thought was a cat coming to snuggle with me. A very large 2 1/2 year old cat that could also talk and was actually a human child. I tried reasoning with the child, explaining I was not her mom as she snuggled in for the night. I guess it sunk in once I picked her up to take her back to her own bed and she started screaming bloody murder. I saw Nicole sprint down the hall with inhuman agility as I guess she was wondering who was trying to murder her child. So that was my excitement of the evening. Ah children. Apparently the next night Nicole woke up to find her 2 1/2 year old sitting on the living room couch, looking for her parents. When Nicole picked her up to bring her into their bedroom the child screamed “Nooo!!! Elizabeth & Eric are in there!!!”