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Goodness this day is already chaotic. I feel like I’m constantly battling two sides of myself: a very extremely messy side and a side that can’t accomplish anything until every room is organized. It kind of lends itself to quite a bit of stress, especially when there’s so many things to finish right before a big two month trip. Calm down. I’m trying to do that by sitting and writing a bit.

After our Corning show Eric & I headed to Rochester, NY on Wednesday, February 13th for a Pocket Vinyl show at the Monroe Vineyard Community Space. We’d played there before. We arrived early for dinner with the family the lives above the space. The guy performs in a group called the Bogs Visionary Orchestra (I didn’t put things together until the next day, but I’d actually seen them perform during the 2010 Record Store Day at Record Archive in Rochester.) and after dinner he opened the show downstairs with a solo set.

A good amount of people showed up for the show, including some really good friends. We do both love Rochester so much. The painting, which was possibly my favorite from this entire tour, went to some good friends who later told me that since they might never get to own a real goat, they’re very happy to have a painting of a goat (I sorta feel the same way).




After the show our good friends Scott & Bonnie invited us to spend the night there in Rochester at their place, which was great. We got to hang out with another of Sister’s kittens (Oliver’s sister, Olive) and talk with Scott & Bonnie about the excitement of bringing their new baby boy Sawyer home from the hospital in the next day or two.



The next day, Thursday, February 14th, was of course, Valentine’s Day. We spent a fun day off from shows hanging out around Rochester. We had a delicious sushi date at Wegman’s, stopped to poke around a record shop, went to see Wreck It Ralph at the dollar theater (one of the best non-Pixar Disney movies I’ve seen! So good!!) and for his Valentine’s Day gift I got Eric the board game Risk Legacy. Probably the best Valentine’s Days I’ve ever had!