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Yay I have over 100 subscribers on this blog! Blogging is so strange. Honestly, most of the time I feel like I’m talking into the wind, because not many of you actually comment on this blog itself. But then a large amount of you will come up to me at shows and stuff and let me know that you know everything about me because you’ve been quietly reading… Then it’s slightly awkward because I don’t know what to talk about since you’ve already read it all… So how are you?

Our week & a half at home was decent. Very stressful, as I was working on an armload of paintings, we built screens & printed 100 brand new t-shirts, unpacked and repacked the car, and tried to see as many local friends as possible. Luckily, we had Eric’s new Risk Legacy game to lure people to our house to visit us…



Eric was amazing; in addition to booking a couple more shows for this current tour and  completing our taxes for this year and revamping our entire website (you need to go check it out if you haven’t already), he stepped in to screen print the majority of the t-shirts so that I could be freed up to paint more:



So those are for sale in our merch set-up right now. And only $15 each! Why not buy both! heh.

And here’s a sneak peak at one of the many paintings I did during this week and a half, which is also part of my submission to illustrate a book for another Native People Group in Northern Canada (not the Naskapi people that I’ve done books for in the past). So, hopefully more on that soon to come!



And then after a very rushed and chaotic few days, we took off on the road again! Don’t forget to keep up with where we’ll be on our website!