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Even though we were home from tour between February 18 and 27, we were still crazy busy trying to get ready for the “next” tour. (Like I said, still basically the same tour… Like a huge, long, 4 month tour… I’m so, so tired…) And, we even had a show during this week & a half “break” at home: We played a Pocket Vinyl show at the Mystic Workshop in Mystic, CT. We played a show alongside Kala Farnham, a local two-person act, and The Summit of Thieves, a two-person act from Vermont (it was the night of two-person acts, apparently). Here are some photos from the night, taken off The Summit of Thieves website:



Oddly, when we first arrived at the Workshop Graham from the Summit of Thieves asked us if we’d been to a Mountain Goats/Bright Eyes concert in Vermont when we were on our honeymoon. Weeiiiird. He’d been working the Mountain Goats merch table and had remembered us. Seriously. So weird. What a small world.

Here’s the painting I did from that night:





Also, this was the very first night we sold our new t-shirts! I’d been able to scramble to get a small batch done for the show, and it’s a good thing too because we sold about half of the ones I made that night! More on those next…