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Still catching up, now from on the road! It’s crazy how a week and a half can go by at home so packed full of things getting done but still leaving so many things still undone. Oh well.

As Eric & I began heading home to Connecticut after our final show of the “last” tour (I guess technically we’re still on tour, but you know) we stopped for the long President’s Day weekend at Eric’s cousin (and my old college friend) Jesse’s place in Argyle, NY. It was our first ever (hopefully annual) non-wedding related college friends reunion! We’re realizing that it won’t be long until we have no more weddings to see our good college friends at, and if we really want to stay in touch despite most of us not living near one another, then we need to start making a real effort. After months and months of arguing and planning and getting sidetracked, we finally all settled on this weekend. Seventeen of us all came together and had an amazing reunion of playing on a frozen lake, riding a snowboard behind a dirt bike, building a fire, roasting hot dogs, shooting guns, playing many different board and card games, going to church, playing music, making meals, playing pool, drinking, playing video games, going to a winter carnival, watching fireworks, having sleepovers, and general enjoying each other’s company. These are all a lot of my favorite people, and I really look forward to many more weekends like this one.