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Every once in a while I make some art and think, that’s it. That’s probably the best I’ll ever do, and everything from now on will just go downhill. Damn. (Ok, that sounds arrogant. That’s not what I mean.)

Anyways, last night at the Bazaar in Roanoke, Virginia, I feel like I did the best Pocket Vinyl show painting I’ll ever complete. It’s all downhill from here guys, sorry. (I really do like the piece I did last night.) We filled a middle slot alongside a couple extremely talented acts at our second performance at this venue, a sweet little record and consignment basement shop. It’s seriously an awesome venue. And I got inspired: do you think we should make some bottle cap pins for our merch table? I really love these.



Our good friend Jordan of the Gaffer Project opened the night with a very unique & fun set. Oh and here’s something else awesome, but also sad: Last night was a sold out show! I think our first! And it was sad because people had to be turned away, we were at fire code capacity. I’m sad for those people, they could’ve been potential fans! Or new friends! Oh well.

As I mentioned, we filled the sweet middle spot and I did my favorite show painting to date. Not too sure why it’s my favorite. Maybe just because I love our record of whale songs.





After our set the Bastards of Fate set up and played a really amazing and awesome set. They were seriously so much fun. Also, their record has a photo of a cat that looks just like the cat I had growing up. Aww, Rosie.



Once the show finished up and we were packing up the car, Matt, a guy who’d seen us a couple times at Virginia Tech, offered us a place to stay for the night, which was awesome! Haven’t had to sleep in the car yet on this leg of the tour!

The next morning (today) we met up with Jordan again to go to church with him, then out to lunch with him and a few of his friends.

And, big news, my three-day long headache went away! Yeah, pretty much the entire tour I’ve had this awful massive headache that would not give me any relief. Luckily I know how to grin through them, but they definitely make everything much less pleasant  ad make me want to pull away from public places, which isn’t ideal for touring and playing shows. Bleh. Pretty sure it was caffeine withdrawal, because two cups of coffee during church fixed it. Not a fan of being addicted to caffeine. I’m going to have to ween myself off of this. Bleh.

Anyways! We’re back at the Acoustic Coffeehouse here in Johnson City, Tennessee again tonight! And tomorrow we’ll be in Nashville, continuing on towards Texas!