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The last Pocket Vinyl show we played was on Sunday night, March 3rd, back at the Acoustic Coffeehouse in Johnson City, TN. We arrived fairly early, and hung out on our computers and played a few games of cards while enjoying some local brews and delicious vegetarian chili.



As you can tell from the sign above, a group called the Carpenter Ants opened the night with two hours of gospel-soul music. Their music felt like it “fit” in the venue.



We played our set and I painted a picture of a float plane. And the girl who won the bid on it is also an artist. It’s always nice when another artist appreciates my work.





We finally left the Acoustic Coffeehouse pretty late in the evening, after everyone had already gone home. We packed up, began driving towards our next destination, and pulled over to sleep in a Walmart parking lot. Heading deeper into the south.