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Sleeping in the car on Sunday night was cold. It seemed to have gotten into my bones and it ached. I couldn’t warm up and I couldn’t get comfortable, no matter what I tried. Which I honestly can’t understand, because I’ve slept in the car in the snow many times before and have been fine. I’m not sure what it was about that Sunday night. I barely slept, and I was up with the sunrise.

Eric warmed up the car and let me sleep, snuggled in my sleeping bag with the hot air pumping onto my freezing feet, while he continued driving towards Nashville. I groggily woke again mid-morning to some very strange sights. While I’d slept Eric had decided to detour towards Gatlinburg, TN prompted by some highway billboards. We were deep in Smoky Mountain tourist country!



It reminded me a lot of when we were in Myrtle Beach: huge souvenir shops, dinner shows, helicopter rides, arcades, and more mini-golfs than you could count. And of course, the main reason Eric had decided to detour: the Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine Distillery. That’s where we parked to get out and walk around.



We tasted all the moonshine flavors, went to a couple wine tastings, poked in to a bunch of candy shops, peered into a wedding chapel, tried a handful of barbecue sauces and listened to a guy tell us that if we really wanted to try real moonshine, we should go to his hometown 20 minutes away where you could smell it in the air and the alcohol proof is so high it’s illegal to sell and you can run a car motor on it or use it to strip furniture…

By the late evening we got back into our car and continued on into the darkness to Nashville. We didn’t have a show that night, so we took our time and listened to Donald Miller’s audio version of Through Painted Deserts: Light, God, and Beauty on the Open Road and felt like he was in the car with us, telling us about our own adventures.

We both unintentionally drifted off to sleep in our car on the street our friends’ (Fable Cry) empty house is on, here in Nashville. Later, and who knows how much later it was, our friends returned home and woke us up. We spent a wonderful restful night in their living room, and for all of today we’ve enjoyed sitting by their roaring fireplace, avoiding the cold rain outside.

Tonight, in just a few hours actually, we’ll be playing a house show right here, alongside Fable Cry. (Event link here.) And tomorrow we continue on to Memphis (event link here). We love you all.