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Yesterday was marvelous. Firstly, it was so wonderful to get to hibernate all day and take the first real “day of rest” we’ve had since… I don’t even know. We had no traveling, no pressing issues that needed addressing. All we needed to do was sit by that cozy fire and wait for our show in the evening. It was amazing to just have a day to let our minds rest more than anything. You need days like that.

Then, the actual show was also marvelous. The house, belonging to Fable Cry + brother (Zach, Kirstie, & Drew), named The Isle, slowly began to fill full of wonderful and interesting people as the kitchen filled with delicious chili smells. We potlucked first and got to know many of these wonderful people. Then we all squeezed on the floor in the “dinning room” for a couple songs by Snazzy Shenanigans. It was her first time ever performing in front of people, and it was wonderful.



After her set Eric & I set up our stuff and performed a Pocket Vinyl set. I had a few ideas for what to paint for the evening, and decided on a falling fox, because it seemed to remind me most of Fable Cry. Because of that, the most epic bidding battle took place between the residents of the house, then when they had to back-out between two members of the audience. Eric played dramatic organ pieces every time the bid went up. It was hilarious.

Finally, the only person at the show who was a parent (and actually has to take care of other people) won the bidding! But, in a gesture of goodwill and to celebrate the first house show at the Isle, she immediately blew everyone’s minds and donated it to Zach, Kirstie, and Drew! It was one of our most memorable bidding affairs!





And then of course, after the show everyone stuck around for more fun hanging out and great conversations. Overall, a very wonderful night.