Organizing, organizing, organizing our travels. I feel like my head is so full of tiny little details! Then, just for kicks, I decided to googlemap the next month & a half of this tour…



(You can’t put down more than 25 locations at a time, so this map is missing the last 5 dates of this tour as we finally make it back home.)

So yeah, preeeeettttyy insane. We’ve been spending so much of our energy thinking about and planning for South by Southwest in Austin, Texas this week that it’s easy to forget that most of our tour is actually happening after that. …I feel exhausted just looking at this…

OK! I need to get back on track. So, our past few shows…

Firing round!

Wednesday. March 6. The Brass Door. Memphis, TN. We played with our friends Tyler & Elgin from Radradriot.



The painting was inspired by my brother, who loves elephants.



Thursday. March 7. Woke up in the car and fed birds on our sun roof. Also a wienermobile passed us on the highway.


Later. The Main Squeeze, Little Rock, AR, part of Fussfest. We played with RoomRunner and Gnarly Charlies and Joe, one of the awesome guys who live in this dentist-office-turned-community-house-venue-space. Most of which are also heading to SXSW.





The dog, named Skeletor, likes our merch.

Painting was inspired by vegetarianism.



Friday. March 8. Spent the day in Little Rock running errands. Spent some time in the evening exploring the Sate Capitol Building.


Had our second FussFest show scheduled for the Hollow House alongside Jack Topht and the Smokes and another band added on last minute. We were scheduled to play last but because of time constraints, noise laws, and not wanting to piss neighbors & police off, we opted to not play.

Saturday. March 9. Artchurch Studios. Hot Springs, AR. Got to town early and spent the day hiking mountain trails and exploring downtown.



Artchurch show took place at 6:00. Afterwards a woman named Amelia invited us back to her place for drinks, food, & a warm bed. But not before filling up our water bottles at one of the natural springs.



Painting was inspired by my friend Rachel, who loves zebras.



Sunday. March 10. Forgot about Daylight Savings. Woke up late. To torrential rains. Hit the road early and headed for Texas. Saw lots of ranches, cactuses, and smelled a lot of barbecue.

Opening Bell Coffee. Dallas, TX. Arrived at 2:30 in time for our 3:00 show. Had our show pushed back to 5:00 instead. Opened for Jeremy Joyce, Eric Tipton (from the Voice, Season 2), Luke Wade, and Arielle, (Opening Act Performance on E!). Heh. Some friends & fans came out. A fan drew a picture of Eric playing.




Now, we head to Austin for SXSW. Dates for that were just confirmed today: