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We weren’t expecting it, but as we toured down towards Johnson City, TN during the first leg of our tour, my old friend Jocelyn (of Jocelyn Mathewes Photography & Studio Mathewes) contacted me to offer us a place to stay and a photo shoot.

We got to her place early on the day we were scheduled to play at the Acoustic Coffeehouse and we tromped all over downtown with a bag of props and Jocelyn’s exciting and colourful ideas. She is amazing to work with and has a spectacular eye for bright and cheery colours. Even though i hadn’t see her in years and Eric had only just met her, she immediately helped us feel comfortable enough to be fun and silly in front of the camera. I highly recommend using her for your photography needs. Also, you could just let these photos speak for themselves…


Even when Jocelyn took us to a wall of graffiti and had us pose in front of it; to be honest, I was nervous about the possible cheesy band-photo-y-ness of the shots (our list of no-nos for a band photo shoot include train tracks, staggered in front of a brick wall, and of course, graffiti). But when we got the photos back I was amazed. They actually turned out to be my favorite from the shoot. Plus, Jocelyn encouraged us to be completely ridiculous.


After the shoot Jocelyn brought her camera to our show that evening, and took a couple shots while we performed as well:


It snowed the next morning, but Jocelyn still had some ideas and a couple more props to use, so she set up a backdrop inside and took a bunch more really fun photos:



We were finding star confetti in our clothes and on our skin for days after this. But it was so much fun. I highly encourage you to go check out more of Jocelyn’s stuff on her websites!