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Since I have some free time (WHAT?? Free time in the middle of SXSW??) I figured I’d share some photo shoots Eric & I were recently a part of. If you’ve been keeping up with us and our website makeover or posts lately, you might have noticed a couple really sweet artistic band photos. We worked with a couple extremely talented artists, and those that you’ve been seeing are their very awesome works. So I’d like to showcase the shoots.

First, our friend Karrie Bulger of K-LAB Photography (Facebook and Tumblr here) took us out for a shoot around where we live in Connecticut back in January, before we left on tour.

We started out hiking up above the cow pastures to take photos in the melting snow under the power lines. It was ridiculously cold, but we survived! We also carted up a bunch of my more lacy and antiquey clothing to give the area a ghostly look.





When the cold got more than we could handle, we headed back down to the house, to take some photos of us pouring paint all over ourselves. These were a lot of fun.





We wanted eccentric band shots, away from the stereotypical. I think the results accomplished our hope. Thanks Karrie!