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A single photo encompasses almost an entire week of what we did after leaving San Antonio:



Before arriving in Texas we heard from our friend Deborah, the woman who we’d met in Korea when we were all living over there as English teachers and who’d come to see us play back in January, told us that she was living with her brother’s family just north of San Antonio and invited us to come stay for a couple nights. We had Sunday & Monday, March 17th and 18th, off, so it seemed like the perfect time to visit and stay with them. Those two days were glorious. Deborah’s family had a nice big house with a dog and a handful of kids, and after the past exhausting week of dirt, sweat, little sleep, and loud noises, it was the most blissful thing in the world to shower, do laundry, and sit quietly on a couch. Showers are seriously one of the best things ever.

We then had planned to continue on to Houston for two shows on Tuesday and Wednesday, the 19th and 20th. We both woke up mildly sick on Tuesday. Eric was slightly worse than me, so we decided that if felt well enough to drive by 2:00 that afternoon that we’d be off. Instead, at almost exactly 2:00 I got worse and completely crashed, passed out and too weak to even move.

We canceled our Tuesday show with the hopes that Wednesday would still be fine. Wednesday morning, I woke up feeling better, Eric was way worse. And he continued to get worse and worse while I slowly got better. Eric hardly ever gets sick, so when he does it hits him really hard. He was shivering and sweating, weak and burning up, and had a really high fever.

As it turned out, Deborah’s family had all been sick about two weeks ago, so we figured a mixture of that combined with us suddenly stopped after such a long and exhaustive run of touring was what opened us up to getting sick.

Amazingly though, we could not have gotten sick at a better time. Deborah’s family was amazing, helping us out and also letting us be as much as we needed, and allowing us to camp out for a couple extra days as we got over the sickness. Plus, in that entire week we only had the two Houston shows, which were really chill about letting us cancel. We needed the rest really badly, and being so sick forced us to take that rest.

We needed to get back on the road by Friday, and amazingly Eric’s fever broke Thursday night. Besides a terribly scratchy voice, by Friday morning he was miles better than what he had been. Not 100%, but more than well enough to function.

It wasn’t a particularly eventful week, but it really was a week that we needed, and we were so grateful for it, despite the sickness.