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This is related to the previous post:

For their wedding, Kendal commissioned me to do a serious of paintings for Gabby as a wedding gift.

He asked for 4 paintings, one for each season, with a tree in the center and the two of them around the base of the tree participating in different activities: jogging, having a snowball fight, playing guitar, and… having a lightsaber battle. Yes. So awesome. Here’s the four paintings one at a time:

Untitled-3And here they are, as I imagine they might fit together:



Also, fun fact! I’d planned on painting these as 2’x2′ square boards, but Kendal asked if I could make them more rectangular-shaped, so they’d fit together better. So this was when I first started painting on 16″x24″ boards, which is what I paint on during our Pocket Vinyl shows now!