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After Tulsa we had a day off (well actually, we had scheduled a show in Wichita, but there was some miss-communication and they never put us on their calendar, so the “show” was “cancelled), and since we were so exhausted (like I mentioned earlier) we decided to find a cheap hotel and settle in early for a relaxing evening without having to worry about shows. We cashed in a restaurant gift card from Christmas and just enjoyed having no responsibilities for a night.

On Wednesday, March 27, we continued on to Kansas City, MO to play a Pocket Vinyl show at the Czar Bar. We performed alongside a couple other bands, including our friend Grant’s band the Good Time Charlies. Eric knows Grant and his band mate Barb from an on-line forum (the same one we know Ross from, as well as a good handful of others we meet along the road).



Our good friend Steve (who we know from Houghton) also showed up to support us, and he took some great photos for us during our set as well:



Steve also awesome won the bid on the painting, making this is second Pocket Vinyl painting from a show!



(I’m very happy about this goose-girl, and I’m happy to be continuing on with the theme but including full bodies of the women.)



The show was over fairly late, and Barb offered us a guest room in her house, which we really appreciated. Hilariously, once we arrived at her place we were greeted by a good handful of other people claiming there was a big after party happening at the house. Our response: “Oh…” Barb’s response was to kick everyone out of her house and yell that it was a Wednesday and she had to work at 9:00 in the morning! We could not have been happier and were so grateful for the good night’s sleep in her very comfortable guestroom. Late nights were killing us, but comfortable places to sleep were helping to re-energize us for the rest of this tour.