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Getting back into regular Pocket Vinyl shows after SXSW, then a week of illness, then wedding festivities, was a little rocky. We’d seem to have hit a wall, and we were allowing exhaustion to creep beneath our skin, despite the fact that we still had over a month of touring left. Even saying the fact caused our shoulders to slump and make us just want to give up and go home. Honestly, we’ve been on the road pretty much since the beginning of January. By now (April 2nd) we’ve accepted the fact that we have around 2 dozen shows left, but those first couple shows after the wedding were difficult.

From Texas we began the leg of our tour where we head north straight up through the Midwest, stopping with a show in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 25th. Our friend Ross lives in Tulsa, and he invited us to stay at his place so we wouldn’t have to sleep in our car for the night (which was wonderful!). We got some awesome Mexican food together before the show, then played a few blocks away at Soundpony Bar. I painted a girl with a barn sparrow head.



Had an interesting interaction after we performed, this a fairly intoxicated older gentleman at the bar:

him, while I was cleaning up: “226!”
me: “Hm? What?”
him: “226!!!”
me: “uh, I don’t understand.”
him: “226!!!!! Before you said you’d played 225 shows, this was 226!”
me: “Oh! Heh, right. Well, that was an estimate. We’ve played around that many shows.”
him: “It was a joke!!! You need to learn to laugh!! Get a sense of humor!!!”
me: “…Heh. Yeah. ….um ….Well ….it was nice talking to you!”
him, as I walked away: “No it wasn’t!! You don’t think it was nice at all!!!!! DON’T YOU F—ING LIE TO ME!!!!!!!!!”

Oh the joys of performing in front of drunk people…