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Boobies! I mean, the Boobie Trap! Yeah, we played here before, and it was a good show. So we decided to go back for round two! Surprisingly, a very artsy, music-loving crowd!

This was on Friday, March 29th. Good Friday. (I’ll admit, being sleep deprived and on the road, the full extent of our Easter festivities this year was some candy eaten while we drove. And that’s about it.)

We woke up at the cute cabin to a sweet view of the dirt road, fields, a huge blue sky, and black cows as far as the eye could see. We headed out on the road as our host headed to work on an organic farm down the road, and soon found ourselves in Topeka, Kansas, eating goat cheese & greens on rice crackers (seriously, one of our favorite on-the-road meals).



As soon as we arrived in Topeka we knew we needed to go check out the scariest tourist attraction ever: The Westboro Baptist Church. We’d driven past is the last time we’d been in town and had felt disturbed spiritually. This time around, as we cautiously approached the block that the church is on, I was instantly filled with joy as we saw the edge of a house I’d previously thought was only an internet myth! Within the past yea, directly across the street from the Westboro Baptists, a man has bought a house and has painted it in brilliant rainbow colours. (If you know anything about me, for one, you know that I love rainbows!)



A sign on the lawn invited people to come up and take photos if they wanted, and other sings along the porch read “Preach Peace”.



Regardless of how you feel about homosexuality and religion, I think we should be able to agree that hate is wrong, and peace is right.

After this (and taking some photos for a few other tourists) we headed over to the Kansas Capitol Building. Our hosts from the night before had recommended we check out the murals.



I have to say, capitol buildings are ridiculous! These things look like palaces with all the elaborate gold and antiques and carvings! It’s weird that these are in this country, you know? On one hand I think it’s disgustingly elaborate, on the other hand I really appreciate the architectural beauty.

That last photo there is a family of skunks. The artist of some of the murals was apparently criticized so harshly by the politicians at the time that he discretely painted this family of skunks and hid the names of the politicians in the skunks fur. Ha!

After a couple hours at Topeka’s public library we headed over to the Boobie Trap for our Pocket Vinyl show. We performed sandwiched between two other bands, a local and a group from Chicago. A photographer named K.J. Thies happened to be hanging out and took a whole bunch of awesome photos of the show that night.



The band before us was called Beach Team and the band following us went by Quasar Wut Wut and coincidentally, they just so happened to be playing with us for two nights in a row, following us to our next gig in Omaha, NE! Weird! They were really awesome guys and did a super fun set, throwing in a couple awesome covers (including the Beatles’ I Am the Walrus!).



I painted a girl with a goat head, and a very aggressive bidding war took place over it. Always fun.





We also met up with the girl who’d won the painting from the last time we were in Topeka, and she told us that someone was trying to buy her painting from her for hundreds more than she spent on it! Alright, the value of paintings is going up!

Late, late, late after the show ended Eric & I packed up, found a Walmart parking lot, and settled down in our car for the night. It had been a while since we’d slept in the car…