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Waking up on Thursday, March 28, Eric & I quietly packed up and snuck out of the house we were staying at, past the sleeper on the couch and got on the road to Lawrence, Kansas. We had a show that evening at SeedCo Studios, this really awesome huge garage/warehouse that’s been turned into studio blocks rented out to local artists. Squared off sections of the massive basement were filled with easels and half-finished elaborate art pieces in every medium and style imaginable. It was really incredible and inspirational, and it made me wish that I had an artist community like this one close to where we live in Connecticut. It reminded me of our own art building in college & the community we had there, working side-by-side. I really miss that.


We performed between three other very talented single acts: CS Luxem, then Julie Byrne, then us, and finishing off with Tyler Gregory. I loved the last guy. He started his set with a deep and soul-wrenching a cappella tune while he kept a beat by stomping on a mic’ed wooden box. He was amazing. Definitely check out his stuff.

Our good friend Steve completely surprised us by coming out again for a second show in a row! And he took a whole mess of photos for us again.


Hilariously, during the painting bidding Steve was bidding on the painting again (he’d won the previous night’s) and some people started getting irritated, assuming that Steve was our personal photographer who traveled with us and purposely bid up the paintings. Ha! Yeah, who has the money or time for that?

Steve did win his second painting in a row that night. I’m glad he has three (!) paintings now, I know he’s an art appreciator who values things like original art.



Chameleon woman.

As we were packing up a couple of the guys who help run SeedCo and Whatever Forever (the local record label) offered us an alternative place to sleep that wasn’t our car. We followed the two guys way out of own and down a long dirt road to a sweet little cabin in the sticks of Kansas. Eric & I had one f the best sleeps ever on a futon by the kitchen by a woodstove, snuggled deep into our sleeping bags. I couldn’t even remember the last time I’d slept that good.