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Like I’d mentioned earlier, Eric & I didn’t do much to celebrate Easter this year. We got some candy, said Happy Easter to each other, but that was about it. We were both still far too sleep deprived to wake up early enough to go to an Easter service, and we ended up just hanging out around Luke & Molly’s for most of the day, still catching up on rest.

In the evening we drove out to Lincoln, Nebraska for an Easter show at Duffy’s Tavern. We found out later that Nirvana once played at Duffy’s back in 1990. Neat.

It being Easter & all, it turned out to be a fairly quiet night. Pocket Vinyl played between two other single acts, a guy with a guitar before us and a guy after us who started his set by stripping down to his underwear and then putting on a red dress and wig before playing his keyboard set. In the setting, it seemed completely normal.



As some of you may know, since January I’ve begun to plan out my paintings before the show. A had a few ideas in mind for this night, and without planning for it one of them just happened to be Easter-themed, so I went with that one:





I’m very happy with how this painting turned out.

Despite the low attendance at the bar, we were pleasantly surprised by the kindness, enthusiasm, and generosity of the few guys that were there. A nice reminder that you can’t ever judge how a show is going to turn out.

After packing up we headed back to Omaha, getting in late and heading straight for bed. Our first time in Nebraska’s been a good experience.