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On Saturday, March 30th, we woke up in the car and drove to Omaha, Nebraska. First time in Nebraska! Our friends from Des Moines, Andy & Kelly, had set us up with their old friends in Omaha, Luke & Molly. So we showed up at their house early afternoon on Saturday. It’d been a couple days since we’d gotten a shower, so that was the first thing on my schedule once we arrived, but out of nowhere a sudden exhaustion engulfed me and I ended up passing out in Luke & Molly’s guest room for 4 hours. Sometimes your body just can’t take constantly running and it forces you to rest for a while. I was glad for Luke & Molly’s hospitality and for a warm & safe place to sleep the afternoon away.

I woke up in time for dinner, then Eric & I headed off to the Barley Street Tavern downtown for our Pocket Vinyl show. As soon as we walked in we were greeted by Shooter, the bar cat. Best regular I’ve ever encountered at a bar!

We met up with the Quasar Wut Wut guys again from the night before, loaded in, and set up for playing first.




Luke & Molly won the bid on the painting, and Andy & Kelly surprised us by showing up later in the evening as well! They’d been close by visiting relatives for the Easter weekend.



(Really loving this deer-girl’s hand…)

The band immediately after us was a full orchestra, which was surreal to see in the bar setting, and caused us to long for our own backing orchestra on tour. That would be so much fun. I was developing a migraine, so we said early goodbyes to Quasar Wut Wut & the bar, and all headed back to Luke & Molly’s. I apparently still wasn’t caught up on sleep and passed out again while Luke, Molly, Eric, Andy, & Kelly stayed up. Like I’ve mentioned before: this tour is really beginning to wear on us.