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Big news everybody!

After a good amount of prep work, Eric & I have just launched our very first Kickstarter! We are super excited about the process, the (what we think are) super sweet rewards that you can get by backing our project, and finally, the end result of what we’re planning on doing with the raised money: Pocket Vinyl‘s third fill-length album, a collection of songs focusing around the spirituality, thought, emotion, and mystery surrounding death: what it is, what it feels like, what it leads to, and how God fits into it. These are ideas we’ve been spending the past couple years really dissecting  and perhaps if you’ve seen us on the road, you’ve had one of many conversations with us about death and your own beliefs on the matter. We’ve taken all those thoughts and conversations, and are putting them together into this new album, titling it Death Anxiety. 

Rewards include a ton of handmade goodies that we’re hoping you’ll be as excited as us about!

Like (but not limited to)…

– Pocket Vinyl albums (of course)

– lots of different-sized paintings by me!

– homemade cookies!

– hand-knitted socks & scarves!

– a backer-only hand-screened t-shirt

– children’s books illustrated by me!

– YouTube song-a-gram!

– Skype concerts!

– Private house concerts!

– And literally tons more!

Also, in case you don’t know how Kickstarter works, if we don’t make our goal (of $3,500) we don’t get a cent, so please consider helping us reach our goal. Every little bit counts, and every little bit receives a reward!

You can go directly to our Kickstarter here:

Pocket Vinyl Kickstarter!