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(I’m trying really hard to catch up at least a little bit in tour blog news!)

On April Fool’s Day Eric & I had a Pocket Vinyl show in Des Moines, Iowa again! We headed out in the late afternoon to meet up with Andy & Kelly again, since we’d be staying at their place for the next couple nights. It was great hanging out with them, and we enjoyed learning to play a new board game (Eric is seriously obsessed with board games lately) and started watching the 2003 spoof reality TV show, Joe Schmo. Andy & Kelly are fun & relaxing to hang out with.

That evening we headed downtown to play our show over at Gaslamp. It was a pretty dead Monday night, but the few that were there were fairly enthusiastic. Plus, the other band that was suppose to be performing that night never showed, so the bar ended up giving us their guarantee  So, a fairly profitable show for a Monday!



Also, I really enjoyed the stark difference between the sweet female body and the masculinity of the rhino head.



After packing up Eric & I ran across the street. There was a sculpture park there and during our entire set I’d been able to see this very large sculpture of a little girl by the Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara staring at me. When I lived in Japan I’d gone to an exhibition by Yoshitomo Nara and I love his paintings of creepy little girls, so it was so exciting to see this huge statue right across the street from us!



After running around in the cold for a bit we headed back to Andy & Kelly’s for the night. Not a bad, if quiet, Monday night show.