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Let’s go back to Iowa. We were still at Andy & Kelly’s. (I feel like a parent that’s been reading a novel to a child every night, trying to remember what page we were last on…)

On Tuesday, April 2nd we had a Pocket Vinyl show in Ames, IA, at a theater-type venue called Zeke’s. They had posters on the wall advertising past shows by Derek Webb and Reilly, both groups friends had told me about, so I know Zeke’s has had bigger names come through. However, it was a sleepy Tuesday evening, so our crowd was on the small side, but enthusiastic. Everyone was great. And, a girl who needed to complete a photography project for class (due the next day) used our show and took some awesome photos!

Untitled-1The photographer’s name is Miranda Cantrell.

Andy & Kelly won the bid on the painting:



I’m very happy with this giraffe girl.



After packing up our gear we all stopped next door at the coffee and gelato shop and got some berry jalapeno flavored gelato. I didn’t think it could be done, but there it was! Pretty delicious stuff.